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Korver Represented CU

Kudos to Anthony Flott for his fine comprehensive portrait of our All-American Kyle Korver, BA’03. As a Bluejay basketball fan of almost 40 years, the win over Southern Illinois in the MVC championship game was the most thorough dismantling of a good team that I have ever seen. 

The Salukis’ recent antipathy toward Creighton extends beyond wearing “I hate C8on” T-shirts. Omaha World-Herald columnist Mike Kelley reported that when we last played Southern Illinois not only was Kyle Korver and the entire team subjected to obscenities and insults from the stands, but after the loss Kyle’s father was verbally assaulted with expletives.

The same Rev. Kevin Korver gave a homily at a special Mass on the Sunday before the Valley championship game against SIU. There was no talk of payback or revenge. Instead he told the story of a special needs child who was unable to get an autograph following a recent game. One of the players saw this and picked the child up and held her. As he stated, “her tears of frustration turned to tears of joy.”


The point of his story was, in part, that these players know that there is more to life than the game they excel at, and they can use their fame as a force for good.

David D. Begley, BA’79, MBA’97, JD’82

To my mind how Creighton wins is more important than the winning itself. And Coach Dana Altman continues to bring young men to our school who represent it in the finest fashion and true to our Jesuit values.

Who’s the Constitutional Law Expert?

I find it amazing and amusing that people who have not kept up with advances in their own fields feel fully qualified to discuss constitutional law with two legal professors at Creighton University. (See Letters, Summer 2003.)

Bush Sr. Consulted Cicero

Regarding Jesus, Scripture and the Ethics of War (Summer 2003), I cannot help but recall that Bush the Elder, justifying the Gulf War, said that he had consulted Cicero. Not scripture, of course, but that famous Roman in an essay on war had this to say about the ethics:

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