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Letters To The Editors

To paraphrase George Kaufman “I don’t want a doctor that reads books on constitutional law, I want a doctor that reads books on medicine.”

Dave Larsen, BSPha’67
Arnolds Park, Iowa

Letter Was Erroneous


I was amazed at the vitriolic tenor of most of the letters responding to the article by Professors Mack and Kelly. (See Letters, Summer 2003.) One suspects that those with such views will not have their opinions changed by any article. However, Mr. James H. Mullen’s letter was erroneous in its contention that “only Americans have protection under the Constitution.” The rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights apply to any “person” who is in the U.S. There is no reference in the Bill of Rights limiting its application to “citizens.”

John P. Murphy, JD’74
North Platte, Neb.

Yoga Article Unsettling


The article Creighton Couple Shares Love of Yoga in the Summer 2003 edition of the Creighton Magazine unsettled me a bit. I have no quarrel with Yoga as a health maintenance aid, but I do not like seeing the aspect of “meditation and prayer” given such prominence, as this aspect stems from Hinduism, as opposed to Christianity.

I wonder if this very nice couple would also subscribe to quiet prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

There are a great many New Age influences everywhere, and while I realize that some aspects can be incorporated into Catholicism, as in centering prayer, I think Catholic universities, to which parents are paying a lot of money to send their young adults, should be very careful about how they promote these influences.

Dottie Kubitschek
Lakewood, Colo.

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