Caribbean Threatened By 1.3 Million Barrels Of Oil From Sinking Oil Tanker

Caribbean Threatened By 1.3 Million Barrels Of Oil From Sinking Oil Tanker

Drone footage of the listing Venezuelan oil tanker, FSO Nabarima, taken on 16 October 2020, showing a worsening tilt as more water comes on board

Drone footage of the listing Venezuelan oil tanker, FSO Nabarima, taken on 16 October 2020, showing … [+] an aggravating tilt as more water leaks on board

Trinidad and Tobago Fishermen and Friends of the sea

A state of environmental emergency is being required by fishermen in Trinidad and Tobago over a sinking oil tanker with 1.3 million barrels of oil.

If the oil spills, it would threaten the whole Southern Caribbean. At 264 meters in length and a capacity of 1.4 million barrels, the spill would be five times worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska in 1989, which was the worst in history till the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon

Officials have actually been slammed for enabling the circumstance to evolve for 3 months without taking enough action. The tilting had actually been of concern considering that it was first noticed in July and crews later discovered water dripping on board

It was just recently that a representative of the fishing neighborhood in Trinidad, Gary Aboud, had the ability to get close enough to the greatly listing Venezuelan oil tanker to reveal very first hand how severe the risk is, especially with the Caribbean in an especially active 2020 hurricane season that is only due to end by November 30

Combined with drone video footage to reveal the angle of tilting, his 2 and a half minute video(link below) shows the risk that poor weather condition would have on the tanker, and what he highlights as a lack of urgency by the Trinidad and Tobago Federal government or the worldwide community to act.

With the oil spill in Mauritius in August, it was the UN shipping regulator, the International Maritime Company, who sent representatives to co-ordinate the Wakashio oil spill efforts for the United Nations however they were extensively seen to have worsened the oil spill crisis Ironically, the news from the Caribbean comes as the IMO is discussing oil and emission targets for ships in London today, amidst criticism that ecological requirements are being thinned down by this UN agency.

Immediate require action

Gary Aboud, Corporate Secretary of Trinidad and Tobago based environmental group, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea, went to the website of the Nabarima, moored in Venezuelan waters, to highlight the risk postured to the over 50,000 anglers of Trinidad and Tobago that rely on the sea, the possible long term eco-friendly damage to types in this coral reef and biodiversity rich region, along with the wider local threat to the Caribbean provided the instructions of the currents and wind at this time of year.

4 Sep 2020: reports in the local press of Trinidad six weeks ago showed the risk of the Nabarima to the coastline of both Venezuela and Trinidad.

4 Sep 2020: reports in the regional press of Trinidad and Tobago six weeks ago showed the danger of the … [+] Nabarima to the coastline of both Venezuela and Trinidad.

Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Reports from the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian had been calling for action because early September.

21st Ministerial Meeting of Gas Exporting Countries

3 Oct 2019: Franklin Khan, Trinidad And Tobago’s Minister of Energy in Moscow at the Russian Energy … [+] Week 2019 worldwide forum.

Valery Sharifulin/TASS

According to a representative for Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Minister, Franklin Khan, who talked to the Guardian on September 4, “The [Trinidad and Tobago] Energy Ministry through the Venezuelan Embassy has actually used any help, technical or logistical to the Government of Venezuela that it may need. Likewise, the Minister of Energy is in contact with his Venezuelan equivalent for additional updates as they become available.”

A psychological video by Gary Aboud very first published on September 7, 6 weeks earlier, had actually highlighted the growing threat of the tilting oil tanker, integrated with the ongoing hurricane season – the second most active on record.

7 Sep 2020: Gary Aboud shows that the currents in the Gulf of Paria pose a particular risk to the coastlines of both Venezuela and Trinidad, with broader risk across the Southern Caribbean

7 Sep 2020: Gary Aboud shows that the currents in the Gulf of Paria posture a specific threat to the … [+] shorelines of both Venezuela and Trinidad, with broader threat across the Southern Caribbean

Trinidad and Tobago Fishermen and Buddies of the Sea

The Nabarima has a capacity of 1.4 million barrels, and was deserted without a crew by the Venezuelan state and a joint venture with Italian energy giant, ENI, following sanctions from the United States in late 2019.

Flooding given that August

There had actually been images and warnings about water coming on board when Venezuelan oil employee Eudis Girot first posted these on August30 Eudis Girot is a tugboat captain for the Maritime Department of Venezuela’s State Oil Business, PDVSA, and Executive Director of Venezuela’s FUTPV Oil Employee Union He has actually actively promoted problems of poor employee conditions and environmental threat in Venezuela in the past.

These posts were then gotten by the New York Times

who reported on September 7 that the tanker had actually handled 10 feet of water that had actually caused the tilt. At that time in early September, the Nabarima had a 5 degree tilt, and had sunken 145 meters at the waterline, with one side clearly visible out of the water – an indication of excess weight.

Six weeks later, Gary Aboud, whose video footage this weekend was taken next to the tanker, showed that the angle of listing had increased to what he approximated was 25 degrees

Danger to the broader Caribbean

The 2020 hurricane season shows storms passing directly over the location of the Nabarima

The 2020 hurricane season reveals storms passing directly over the location of the slowly sinking … [+] Nabarima

Master0Garfield based on US National Hurricane Center’s Atlantic hurricane database

There have actually been 26 named storm s up until now for the 2020 hurricane season, making this the 2nd highest on record, behind the 2005 season. The typhoon season ends on November 30

With the dominating currents and wind instructions, an oil spill of this magnitude would threaten the whole Southern Caribbean for many years to come.

This consists of the significant tourist hotspots such as Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Caribbean Coral Network at threat

The chain of islands and corals are part of a special hereditary coral reef system extending from Venezuela all the way along the Caribbean to the coast of Florida.

All the reefs in the Caribbean are connected and have genetically evolved from Trinidad and Tobago.

All the reefs in the Caribbean are linked and have actually genetically evolved from Trinidad and Tobago.

Allen Coral Atlas

The reef that originate from Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago are foundational to the health of coral environments across the whole Caribbean. Each island has a genetically unique set of corals that at first developed from Trinidadian corals, and the ocean microbiome (the germs that grow around corals) are critical to provide corals their color and life. Other coral systems in the Caribbean had been dependent on receiving nutrients and healthy bacteria from these source corals over countless years.

It is these germs that might be damaged by a major oil spill, resulting in long term genetic damage to the currently climate-stressed corals.

Oil spills and their damaging chemicals (like PAHs) cause long term genetic impact on seaside environments, impacting gender balance of types and other parts of the genetic code that human beings are only just comprehending. This can result in long term collapse of once healthy marine ecosystems, as has actually been seen elsewhere worldwide

Fourth oil spill threat from Venezuela in past 3 months

The FSO Nabarima represents the fourth major oil spill from Venezuela in 2020, in addition to the major oil spill off the coast of Brazil in 2019 from a leaking ship

The FSO Nabarima represents the 4th major oil spill from Venezuela in 2020, in addition to the … [+] significant oil spill off the coast of Brazil in 2019 from a dripping ship


If the oil tanker Nabarima were to disintegrate, this would be the fourth major oil spill from Venezuela in the previous 3 months alone, and by far the worst This is in addition to a significant oil spill off the coast of Brazil in September last year from a ship that had actually refueled in Venezuela.

Venezuela has actually currently been criticized for 2 significant oil leakages in National Parks in the past 2 months alone, in addition to ongoing air emission pollution. This comes amidst growing concerns surrounding particular refineries in Venezuela run by state oil business, PDVSA

The notorious El Palito refinery next to the biodiversity hotspot and Ramsar worldwide protected Morrocoy National Park has actually been of specific issue to ecologists. These leaks can quickly be identified by satellite(particularly Synthetic Aperture Radar which Finish business Iceye was able to offer to Mauritius and had shown very reliable in the oil spill reaction).

A pipeline leakage at the Cadron refinery to the West of the nation led to an unknown amount of oil being released into the ocean last month too.

Early in August, a leak from a vessel was suspected for a leakage in the biodiversity abundant Moroccoy National Forest that includes globally protected Ramsar wetland mangrove forests

Last September, oil from a vessel originating from Venezuela washed over 2000 tons of toxic ship oil along beaches in Brazil, triggering a regional state of emergency situation to be declared.

A disputed election

Anti-Maduro Demonstration in Caracas

10 March 2020: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, acknowledged by many members of the … [+] global neighborhood as the country’s rightful interim ruler, waves to fans throughout a presentation against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Getty Images

Venezuela has seen deteriorating human rights, social, financial and ecological conditions considering that contested Presidential elections in on 20 May 2018 There was extensive allegations of voter fraud The National Assembly declared Nicolás Maduro an “usurper” of the presidency on the day of his 2nd inauguration on 10 January2019

Nicolas Maduro announces Security Measures against Coronavirus in Venezuela

12 Mar 2020: the challenged Presidency of Nicolas Maduro, who announced a travel ban for travelers … [+] flying in from Europe and Colombia and limited gatherings and huge events in an effort to stem the proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getty Images

Juan Guaidó was recognized as Venezuela’s acting President by more than 60 nations (consisting of the United States), while Nicolas Maduro was recognized by 20 nations. The Company of American States( OAS) declared Nicolás Maduro’s presidency illegitimate and urged new elections, however the United Nations recognized the Maduro government as the legal agent of Venezuela. However in a later, scathing report launched on 16 September 2020, the UN accused Maduro of Criminal Offenses against Mankind

Poorly composed UN IMO Laws increase risk for poorer countries

The Panama-flagged MT New Diamond carrying 2 million barrels of oil, on fire following an engine explosion off the coast of Sri Lanka.  The oil tanker was heading from the Middle East to India.

Sep 2020: The Panama-flagged MT New Diamond carrying 2 million barrels of oil, on fire following an … [+] engine explosion off the coast of Sri Lanka. The oil tanker was heading from the Middle East to India.

Sri Lanka Flying Force

The energy minister of Trinidad and Tobago highlighted the intricacies with resolving oil spills throughout global limits.

This highlights the threat positioned by poorly composed laws at the IMO. Several of these laws have actually increased the risk presented by oil spills to third party countries through which global shipping has demanded ‘innocent passage’ through. The case in Venezuela includes relations between Trinidad and Venezuela, there are a number of third celebration ships from Iran passing to Venezuela that posture a high risk to both states.

Both Mauritius and Sri Lanka suffered this summer season due to odd legal loopholes pushed by the maritime insurance coverage and oil market, raising concerns about whether worldwide legislation being pressed by the UN’s International Maritime Company to countries all over the world is designed to protect the environment and poorer seaside communities, or developed to secure the multi billion dollar shipping, oil and maritime insurance markets. The closer one looks, the less clear the responses are.

Lessons from Mauritius oil spill

Mauritius Leaking Ship

Oil leaking from the MV Wakashio, a bulk carrier ship that recently ran aground off the southeast … [+] coast of Mauritius, Friday, Aug. 7, 2020.


The most recent sinking oil tanker begins the back of a series of major shipping and oil disasters over the summer season. Among the most high profile spills had been that of the Wakashio bulk provider on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Between 200,000 and 310,000 gallons of oil were spilled into the pristine coral lagoons of the island country (and the final numbers have not been revealed by the Japanese shipowner almost two months on from the oil spill).

Local tourist and fishing neighborhoods have been ravaged by the effect of the oil spill. Several essential nature reserves such as the globally secured Ramsar Mangrove websites of Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay Marine Park have actually had heavy oil soak the coastline, that will likely to cause years of long term ecological dangers A little island including much of Mauritius’ 322 endangered species was likewise straight hit by the oil spill, pushing a number of to the verge of termination

Leaders call for worldwide shipping reform

Pope Francis Leads The Prayer For Peace

Even Pope Francis called for prayers for Mauritius and seafarers following reports that over 400,000 … [+] mariners were stuck on ships around the world

Getty Images

Caribbean homeowner, Sir Richard Branson, has been calling for global shipping reform since the oil spill in Mauritius. Talking To Forbes in August, he said, “International shipping needs to step up to its obligations and provide support to the people of Mauritius to clean up the contamination and guarantee the long term monitoring and rehabilitation of the whole website.”

Ocean researcher and explorer, Dr Sylvia Earle, has actually required the Japanese owners of the sunken wreck off of Mauritius that triggered the oil spill, to be taken off the seabed and went back to a shipyard to be safely taken apart.

Even the Pope and the UN Secretary General have needed to intervene in international shipping numerous times this summer season as the industry have stopped working to guarantee the safety of 400,000 seafarers stuck on big oil tankers, bulk carrier, container ships and cruise liners around the world.

The UN Secretary General has actually caused the crisis caused by international shipping, a ‘ humanitarian catastrophe

IMO talks this week

Save Our Seas Demonstration in London

19 OCT 2020: Protestors outside the UN’s International Maritime Organisation head office on the … [+] opening day of settlements into the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, and highlighting the effect of current oil spills.

Barcroft Media by means of Getty Images

The risks to Trinidad and Venezuela of the sinking Nabarima oil tanker follows demonstrations outside the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) on Monday. Advocates from ecological NGO, Ocean Rebellion, state that the 1 billion tons of carbon from heavy shipping oil is triggering a climate emergency situation and needs that the G20 group of a lot of effective countries step in to drastically shock security and environmental requirements in the industry.

Protests outside the Japanese Embassy in London, who have been accused of undermining emission targets for global shipping, given Japan's large shipping industry

Demonstrations outside the Japanese Embassy in London, who have actually been accused of weakening emission … [+] targets for global shipping, given Japan’s large shipping market

Henry Kenyon for Ocean Disobedience

The UN firm, has been slammed for undermining Paris Arrangement, with proposals that will greatly increase carbon emissions for the world’s 6th biggest emitter ( worldwide shipping), well beyond the world’s carbon budget plan that is required to keep the world’s climate stable.

Even French President, Emmanuel Macron has actually come in for strong criticism for French proposals for global shipping greenhouse gas emissions that would successfully make the Paris Agreement redundant

It is likewise the week that the brand-new Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihde Suga, has been slammed for promoting to dump radioactive Fukushima water into the ocean.

With nine significant oil spills this year alone, and Trinidad and Tobago now in the eye of the storm of just the current crisis brought on by global shipping, will this industry ever be reformed?

Or will the quiet complicity of the major maritime insurer, shipping business, and other sustainable maritime states who are proudly take pride in their sustainability credentials, likewise be a stain on the industry.

2020 was supposed to be the most significant year for the environment Someone forgot to inform the worldwide shipping market.

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