Conserve us your Guy Utd ‘final steps b *** ocks’ and ‘spoilt privilege’ …

Conserve us your Guy Utd ‘final steps b *** ocks’ and ‘spoilt privilege’ …

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MUFC entitled and woke

Hardly ever nowadays do I find cause to write in to any online forum to reveal views (even this terrific F365 website).

Largely, this is due to the fact that most people, whilst probably falling short of being actual medical morons, do a fantastic task of sounding idiotic when they compose in to such online forums (yes, I do recognise the irony here;-RRB-). Plus, I think we all know by now, that keyboard warriors differ considerably from those fans who actually participate in football matches and have some idea how the video game is played (as oppose to those who’s just experience is enjoying their children play under 10 s where they enjoy attempting to sound experienced by shouting random words from the side lines that have little meaning to anybody else any longer, such as “time” and “one of you”!)

But I find trigger today to throw care to the wind and write this in respect of ” James MUFC”, who wrote an articulate piece which looked sensible and thoughtful for much of it. James mate, if you are MUFC, then we remain in the same boat, and whilst maybe not on the very same page, we are at least holding the exact same book!

I concur that, though Ole is the easiest target, the issues run much deeper in the club. The Fish decomposes from the head as the Japanese state. However, my view is that the problems not just extend upwards in the club, however also wider into the fan base. The majority of our fans are spoilt and entitled and are besieged with the exact same disillusionment about ‘brand name MUFC’ that they like to constantly grumble about. To be clear, we have ZERO ideal to be anywhere in football terms other than where any other club is who plays football. We ended up being the most significant club on the planet by being the very best at recruitment, academy advancement, management and tactical acumen (albeit I would suggest with a smidgen of luck when it came to THAT youth team coming to the same time the terrific male did!– God is a red as it ends up!)

James, I have specific problem with your declaration that last year we needed “2 or 3 word class gamers to make that last step”.

Due to the fact that I do not believe I did miss these things. We have been dogsh1te for too many years now, and any disillusions that we are getting closer each year or that Ole is actually doing ok and we require to keep him etc is as huge an issue as anything that is taking place in any conference room!!

We need to strip back whatever today, including our fan base’s spoilt entitlement about where we “should have” to be!

Let’s not discuss final actions or such [email protected] up until we have a few years of ending up in the CL places, or possibly winning a number of minor cups eh? Please !! Cos we have no opportunity of getting anywhere if we concern the next poor bugger who follows Ole with the exact same absurd expectations!

Even if we get recruitment right for the next 2 years, we are still 5 strong seasons far from anything looking like a “last action”.

I have actually only just stopped crying about last night
Paul, Manchester

Stunned face …

How typically are we really supposed to be amazed by what this United group do? Some groups that are not scared to take the game to us (PSG, Leipzig) get sucker punched, teams that we pin back, sucker punch us. We are a counterattacking group. Solskjaer stated he was setting us up that way, which method we are.

Any group that presses us high and has actually a well thought out tactical plan (Arsenal, Southampton), beats us. Or makes us panic so thoroughly that we orchestrate our own demise in some way.

We have no strategies other than the empty rhetoric of “when you’re playing for Manchester United …”

To act as though Solskjaer “crafted” the wins against PSG or Leipzig is to neglect the reality that they both fell into the classic trap of allowing us to counterattack and/or let themselves get stretched, developing area FOR our gamer to operate in. Our players can’t create area for themselves by being client and gradually drawing a group out, like your Citys or your Barcas, we just pass the ball backward and forward between our defence till all 10 outfield players are in the opposition half, then get captured on the counter through indiscipline and bad training.

Any team, and this number is quickly increasing, can beat us by being well-coached.

Which is another thing, the narrative that we’re a huge club should surely be using thin. It was the “Leading 4”, now it’s the “Top 6” cause two teams fell out of the former, how long prior to it’s the “Top 9”, with this catchment being relabelled yet again to facilitate our decrease?

United are on a course to be utterly ruined by the owners, who will just draw the club dry until it is a profitless husk. Fans question why they’re not more proactive with hiring/firing/recruitment, etc. but a general glimpse at the share price over the last 10 years will reveal you that what occurs on the pitch has nearly no bearing on the value.

The club has morphed into a branding and marketing workout, a capitalist venture with a history that is now nothing more than a property that is quickly becoming a liability.

Pochettino taking over will give us an increase, sure, but in the long run, absolutely nothing will change until the club is decreased to a falling apart heap of physicals.
Synnott (someday I’ll write in with something favorable to state)

The Diogo orange and Firmino apple

So apart from the man u circus, the whole Jota v Firmino argument is trending across the football mediums. Apples and Oranges.

Not exactly sure if the opposition fans are truly worried about Bobby or simply scathing in jealousy as to how the recruitment group of the club has apparently pulled off another scoop.

Anyhoo, I have been singing given that some time about how sh te Firmino has actually been, (considering that reboot) but the argument could have been that the whole group sleep-walked to the title. Now, considering that the brand-new season, Mane and Salah have picked up the pace, delivering what is expected of them– goals.

Firmino was never expected to score objectives prolifically, his key function is always allowing the wingers running at the opposition defense.

He’s been clocking insane amount of minutes for the team, my confident guess is that he’s just exhausted and requires a long time off. Seldom do teams luck in, when a key gamer dips off, and a new signing strikes the ground running.

Firmino requires rest and some aid from the training staff and he need to be back to his finest.

Let’s not compare apples and oranges.
Mihir, Mumbai, LFC (This resembles comparing a calculus-loving brother or sister to his author brother)

When will they ever find out?


I could not help myself. Hope the formatting works …

Where has all the hubris gone?
United fanboys bragging
Where has all the hubris gone?
Not that long ago
Where has all the hubris gone?
The Arsenal beat them, no objectives to one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever discover?

Where have Ole’s fan young boys gone?
Loud mouth bragging, klopp and Guardiola slagging
Where have Ole’s fan young boys gone?
Bad winners constantly crow
Where have Ole’s fan young boys gone?
Basaksehir beat them 2 objectives to one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever discover?

Andrew (Melbourne)

Ole ditty

To the tune of ‘Feeling Hot Hot’: Ole, Ole; Ole, Ole– get him out! out! out!

It is an embarassment the fans are not in the arenas to reveal their views.
Jonathan, London

Guy Utd 2nd package

It’s not really my service to include my two penn’ orth worth to the day-to-day and frequently amusing attacks on the festering remains of what used to be Male Utd however I will anyhow since I’m bored and depressed after six months of my “beloved” other half working from home.
Dean WWFC (Liverpool got a deal.)

Coaching> purchasing

Every Liverpool transfer now is so greatly based on being the right character.

The first thing it appears to me, as it seems with Jota, is somebody prepared to discover, to be malleable, to be coached by Klopp to play nevertheless Klopp desires him to play.
it seems Liverpool can purchase a square peg to fit a round hole providing it’s going to want to let Klopp submit it into shape.

That’s successfully the source of the claim that ‘Liverpool do not buy superstars, we make them’ which does definitely have structure. It just so occurs that with the level we’re at now, we can buy a higher calibre of rough diamond.
Paul, The Wirral

Heading and dementia

Dementia is a truly painful illness, it strips a person of their personality, extremely slowly and their liked ones need to enjoy as the individual they knew gradually disappears and it is true we need to do everything possible to reduce the chances of increasing a person’s danger of dementia, there is certainly a link between heading a football over an amount of time and increasing your risk of developing the illness.

Mikey, CFC

What a load of Koch

Have you watched Leeds play this season?

It would have probably been better not to consist of an entry for Leeds given that none of our signings have been that great.
Dale (You much better leave that title) Leeds

Staying on your feet


I’m not going to go into the possible dark intentions of those accusing a particular high profile player of cheating by not remaining on his feet in one incident last weekend.
Cheers, Rob.

Barcelona’s defence


Have not composed in for a while. Looking at Barca’s defense I wonder what is the function of the protectors in front of Ter Stegen.

They have been shambolic for a while but no part of me can thinks that Suarez deserved to go over Pique (apart from the few goals he scores he might as well be a mannequin in defense). I wonder how long Ter Stegen can keep being a one man defense.


There are no Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester City agents in our rundown of the top ten players of the season. Nor Manchester United, naturally, however Jay Rodriguez gets in?!

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